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It is proven that being a part of a thriving intergenerational community affects both your own life and well being as well as those around you for the better.

Building strong communities that positively impact peoples lives takes determination, courage and focus. It takes some key ingredients in both the social and physical environment: 1. Outdoor spaces and public buildings. 2. Accessible transportation 3. Quality housing 4. Social participation 5. Respect and social inclusion 6. Opportunities to participate 7. Communication and information 8. Community support and health services.

It takes passionate local members of a community to get the most impact, especially when building new developments. With a respected track record of community involvement over many years and an eye firmly on the ‘ingredients’ above, 3MS is a land and property developer with a wealth of experience and who is well established within the Cambridge/Waikato, an example of this being the nearby St Kilda development. Every project is driven by a mindful desire to build communities that have all these elements in them. To provide areas that foster the relationships and experiences that a home owner looks for and wants today for their family.

3MS — Bridleways Estate

Within Bridleways Estate, 3MS is also commitment to more than just working with build partners whose mind is solely on the quick delivery of a home. 3MS understands how important it is to partner with a build team that you the home owner can really trust and who offers proven design, construction, and project management in a development like Bridleways Estate. This is why 3MS have developed a very comprehensive set of future focussed, forward thinking design guidelines in place for the whole development. These guidelines are there to ensure a strong community and stronger futures for all. It is why you will find only a select number of partners whom 3MS know will deliver according to the specific design guidelines. You will also find a Ryman Healthcare facility that not only brings the wonderful mix of ages together, it provides the opportunity to have the 'whole' family around you and within walking distance—To provide that true intergenerational community.

Make a life better together, discover how better living can start today at Bridleways Estate.

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