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The Neighbourhood

A sought-after place to call home

" ... a place you will want to live. "

The Bridleways Estate development is a place you will want to live. A place of open space amenities, new school and considered living. A place that really supports the beautiful town of Cambridge and the ability to move around it on foot or bike with ease. A place where at a more local level, housing is designed with purpose and landscapes controlled through strong guidelines. A place that ensure high-quality outcomes and a community with superb appeal and an unbeatable standard of living.

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Something For Everyone
  1. Cambridge Clock Tower
  2. Grassroots Trust Veledrome
  3. St Peter's School
  4. John Kerkhof Park
  5. Lake Te Ko Utu
  6. Cambridge Town Hall
  7. Victoria Square
  8. Cambridge CBD
  9. St Andrews Anglican Church
  10. Countdown Cambridge
  11. New World Cambridge
  12. Perry Aquatic Centre
  13. Cambridge High School
  14. Cambridge Primary School
  15. Cambridge Middle School
  16. Te Awa River Walk
  17. Cambridge Golf Club
  18. SH1
  19. Waikato River
  20. Cambridge Raceway
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Destination Recreational Park

‘Destination Playgrounds’, these playgrounds aren’t your average local neighbourhood playground; they provide a far greater range and quality of play equipment, alongside a variety of other amenities and facilities. The Bridleways Estate Destination Park is aligned with a vision of activity and one of community. It has an intent to encourage those within to become more active and get the whole family outside together. To provide a destination where time can be spent fostering relationships with other members of the community. A place to have a BBQ or just hang out. A place to attract high visitor numbers and help support the goal of encouraging people of all ages to be active and to engage in play.

" ... a vision of activity and ... community. "

Take a look around the park and surrounding area.
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Your choice of home for the future

Bridleways Estate has two options to explore for your new state of the art home.


House & Land


Design & Build

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