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The Neighbourhood

An Intergenerational Community

" ... a place you will want to live. "

The Bridleways Estate development is a place you will want to live. A place of open space amenities, new school and considered living. A place that really supports the beautiful town of Cambridge and the ability to move around it on foot or bike with ease. A place where at a more local level, housing is designed with purpose and landscapes controlled through strong guidelines. A place that ensure high-quality outcomes and a community with superb appeal and an unbeatable standard of living.

Ryman Healthcare Facility

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Welcome to Patrick Hogan Retirement Village. Sir Patrick Hogan is one of NewZealand’s most successful horse breeders. His Cambridge Stud farm is world famous and was home to legendary stallions Sir Tristram and Zabeel. At Patrick Hogan Retirement Village, we have two and three bedroom townhouses available. They feature a modern design and include full height windows and doors, allowing plenty of natural light to stream in. Nestled in ‘the town of trees and champions’, charming Cambridge is a popular town to enjoy the retirement lifestyle. The main township is just a five minute drive away, offering boutique shopping, supermarkets, amenities and plenty of cafés and restaurants.

Aged care when you need it.

Destination Recreational Park

‘Destination Playgrounds’, these playgrounds aren’t your average local neighbourhood playground; they provide a far greater range and quality of play equipment, alongside a variety of other amenities and facilities. The Bridleways Estate Destination Park is aligned with a vision of activity and one of community. It has an intent to encourage those within to become more active and get the whole family outside together. To provide a destination where time can be spent fostering relationships with other members of the community. A place to have a BBQ or just hang out. A place to attract high visitor numbers and help support the goal of encouraging people of all ages to be active and to engage in play.

" ... a vision of activity and ... community. "

Take a look around.

Use our interactive 3D and VR environment below* to explore the park and surrounding areas. From climbing park to basketball courts, there's something for everyone. (*VR interactivity requires compatible headset).

INSTRUCTIONS – Zoom, click and drag along with tools above to explore the Bridleways Estate park space. Click on the red arrows within to jump to other areas of the park.

New Primary School

Nestled within the heart of the Bridleways Estate vibrant, intergenerational community lies a new beacon of education, innovation, and community spirit—a state-of-the-art primary school. Seamlessly integrated amidst the subdivision along with aged health care facility and a captivating destination playground, the new school serves as the cornerstone of a dynamic environment, fostering connections between generations and offering an unparalleled lifestyle for new residents.

CCTV Cameras

In the Bridleways Estate neighbourhood, the presence of CCTV cameras serves as a part of the ongoing efforts to bolster our community security plan, creating an environment where families, friends, and neighbours can relax and live without worry. These watchful eyes are intended to be a visible symbol and powerful deterrent as well as usable tool in promoting a sense of safety and peace of mind for everyone.

The cameras are strategically and carefully placed to monitor and provide surveillance, acting as silent guardians that diligently keep an eye on their surroundings. Locations have been thoughtfully planned to prioritise public safety without compromising individual resident privacy. They are deliberately positioned in a way that focuses on public spaces, streets, and communal spaces, striking a cohesive balance between security and respect for the boundaries of everyone within the community. Residents can go about their daily business with the assurance that the cameras priority is to serve as a safeguard within the Bridleways Estate—with a purpose of prevention and response to any suspicious or untoward incidents.


For any further information, please contact the Incorporated Bridleways Society.

Your choice of home for the future

Bridleways Estate has two options to explore and choose from for your new state of the art home.


House & Land


Design & Build

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